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Credit Recovery Information - How to get started and catch up NOW!

If you have failed a core academic class or required class for graduation (Business Office Specialist, Fitness for Life, Health, Financial Literacy etc..) please make up your credits ASAP. Here is how to get started.

How to begin:

  1. See your counselor first for your credit recovery assignment and take the paper your counselor gives you to the finance office.

  2. See the Finance Office to pay the credit recovery fee ($25 per quarter credit). This fee can be waived if you are in a Directed Studies class or a Study Skills class or have a fee waiver.

  3. After you have paid: go to...

  • General Education Schedule & Location

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday after school 2:15 - 3:40 pm Room 611 (Tuckness)

  • Special Education (IEP):

  • See Ms. Goffe during lunch or email her at:

  1. After you complete your first credit recovery quarter, repeat Step 2 to pay for the next quarter. After you have paid, email your credit recovery teacher or see them before/after school to start the next quarter if needed.

  1. If you fail future quarters after you have spoken with your counselor, you must visit with your counselor again for subsequent referrals. (Start at Step 1 again).





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