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Counselors assist and guide every student to effectively identify, select, plan, and prepare to graduate from high school ready for 1, 2, or 4 years of post high school education and training. 

​What we do...

​School counselors deliver a comprehensive guidance program of services to all students, grades 7-12, which aligns with Granite School District’s Charge and Responsibility – Students will leave high school prepared for college, career and life in the 21st century world.


School counselors provide direct services to students regardless of their background and economic status. Direct guaranteed services include: 1) an academic plan that aligns with placement data, grade level guidelines, high school graduation and college and career readiness requirements; 2) knowledge of interests and abilities; 3) a plan for school success for current grade level and for the future; 4) college and career readiness goals; 5) parent involvement in the college and career readiness planning process.


  • Advocate for all students regardless of economic status or background

  • Guide and counsel students through the development of their individual College and Career Readiness Plan (CCR-Plan)

  • Consult with teachers, staff, and parents to address diverse needs of students

  • Facilitate interventions for students with critical needs

  • Plan and teach guidance curriculum with emphasis on college and career readiness components

  • Interpret achievement, interest and aptitude assessment data for students and parents

  • Provide responsive services to students (and families) in crisis

  • ​Know of school, district and community resources and programs and effectively and equitably disseminate information to students, parents, and school staff

Guidance Program Expectations:

  • Know your school demographics.

  • Prepare and implement a full year guidance program complete with a program calendar that represents 85% of counselor time on direct services (individual planning, guidance curriculum, and responsive services) for all students and aligns with district’s Charge and Responsibility, school improvement plan, etc.

  • Conduct guidance program management through weekly department planning meetings, school-based steering/advisory committee, coordinating meetings with the principal, network/feeder system articulation, representation on the school community council and school representation on both the district steering committee and district leadership team.

  • Organize counselor caseloads (by alpha) to best serve students.

  • Organize and conduct individual planning meetings (CCR-Plan) consistent with district policy and State Board Rule to include accurate college and career readiness information.

  • Implement guidance curriculum consistent with USOE student outcomes and College Board’s Eight Components of College and Career Readiness.

  • Support the district’s five non-negotiable and implement the student support process with fidelity.

  • Carry out accurate record keeping ensuring all students are benefiting from direct services of the comprehensive program.

  • Attend monthly district professional learning meetings and the USOE summer conference.

  • Complete the USOE and district annual report.

  • Analyze and dis-aggregate data by gender and ethnicity for equity and access in all programs, courses and activities.

  • Be prepared for a USOE on-site program accountability review at any time

  • ​Enjoy the work we do!

  • Utah College & Career Readiness: School Counselor Toolkit

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