Career & Technical Education (CTE)  Pathways

Flip through our Career and Technical Education Pathway book... find a path, explore and complete a pathway for: 
  • Scholarships (CTE Scholarships offer full tuition for 1 year!) (1.5 credits required.)  
  • Earn a certificate in a concentrated area
  • Wear a graduation cord (3.0 credits required)

What is a Pathway?

  • A Pathway is a sequence of courses within your area of interest.

  • A Pathway will connect your career interests from high school to college and/or career.

  • A Pathway is your educational road map guiding you to the high school courses and post-secondary options most relevant to your chosen career destination.

  • A Pathway will help you acquire the depth of knowledge and skill linked with specific post-secondary programs that will lead to a certificate or degree and/or career.

  • You choose, you decide what Pathway is right for you.

CTE Scholarship

You may access the scholarship application at We have a total of 127 scholarships to award to students who are a graduating senior or will be eligible to graduate before September 1, 2020!  

Deadline: JANUARY 31, 2020

The award amount varies by institution. Below is the list of participating institutions, the number of scholarships/awards offered, and the amount of the scholarship/award. 

For details about the application process click here.



Bridgerland Technical College
2 Scholarships/Awards
Waives tuition up to $1,000. Books, tools, and other fees not included.

Davis Technical College
10 Scholarships/Awards
Up to $1,500 toward tuition and student fees.

Dixie Technical College
2 Scholarships/Awards
Full tuition for one (1) year.

Mountainland Technical College
18 Scholarships/Awards
Tuition only.

Ogden-Weber Technical College
8 Scholarships/Awards
One (1) year tuition or $1,800, whichever is exhausted first.

Southwest Technical College
3 Scholarships/Awards
Tuition waiver up to $1,000.

Tooele Technical College
6 Scholarships/Awards
$500 towards tuition and student fees.

Uintah Basin Technical College
7 Scholarships/Awards
Full-tuition scholarship for one calendar year.

Dixie State University
4 Scholarships/Awards
Full tuition for one (1) year.


Salt Lake Community College

20 Scholarships/Awards

Full tuition for one (1) year.

Snow College, Richfield
2 Scholarships/Awards
$1000 tuition waiver.


Southern Utah University
1 Scholarship/Award
Full tuition for one (1) year.

Utah State University, Blanding
2 Scholarships/Awards
$1,000 tuition ($500 for two semesters).

Utah State University, Eastern
13 Scholarships/Awards
Full tuition. Books, tools, and other fees not included.

Utah State University, Moab
1 Scholarship/Award
$2,000 tuition ($1,000 one semester with renewal for next semester).

Utah Valley University
20 Scholarships/Awards
$1,000 per semester (2 semesters).


Weber State University
8 Scholarships/Awards
$2,000 ($1,000 for fall, $1,000 for spring).

Points for CTE Pathways Scholarship

  • Pathway completer or concentrator:                 5 points


  • Skill/Industry certification                                    1 point per certification/.5 semester class



  • Work-based learning experience                        Up to 8 points

    • See Melissa and Laurie in the career

    • center for these opportunities


  • Career and Technical Student

Organization (CTSO) Leadership:                               Up to 8 points


  • Other Leadership:                                                  Up to 8 points


  • Educational goal:                                                   Up to 4 points  (How the pathway you earned will

help you complete your educational goals)


  • Overall experience:                                               Up to 4 points.  (Essay  - what have you learned & gained from the overall                                                                                                    experience of taking classes in a CTE                                                                                                    Pathway.)


What is Biotechnology?

New CTE Pathways - In addition to opportunities in the booklet!  
K-12 Teaching as a Profession

Earn a K-12 Teaching as a Profession concentrator certificate with 1.5 credits by taking Teaching as a Profession and one elective course to the right. 

Earn a concentrator certificate with 3.0 credits completed (Teaching as a Profession and elective courses).

This is a great way to explore teaching as a profession and to prepare for college and career.  

Consider a path in Aerospace Manufacturing 

You can do this while in high school and earn a certification.  More information at:


Utah Aerospace Pathways (UAP) is looking for students who are interested in becoming part of a team that builds precision components for the airline industry, for the military, and for deep space exploration.

Earn a concentrator certificate with just 1.5 credits.  Earn a concentrator certificate with 3.0 credits.  


Grades 9/10 suggestions:

  • Engineering Principles 1/2, Physics.

Grades 11/12 (not all required - choose from the following:)

  • 1) Manufacturing Technology 

  • 2) Manufacturing Principles 1/2

  • 3) Composites 1/2

  • Internship for Aerospace Company


See this FLYER for details.  

Aviation Pathway

Aviation is the practical aspect or art of aeronautics, being the design, development, production, operation, and use of aircraft, especially heavier-than-air aircraft.

Classes offered:

Air Transportation:

This course will introduce students to the development of aviation from the earliest beginnings to modern-day. Students will understand the relevance of significant aviation events, contributions from specific individuals, aircraft development, deregulation, administrative bodies, and commercial companies

Aviation History:

The history of aviation from the earliest times through the modern jet age will be explored. Students will discover significant aviation developments and how they came about.

Private Pilot Ground School:

This course focuses on the study of aviation fundamentals, principles of flight, aircraft and engine operations, weather, navigation, and radio communications as required by FAA regulations. Students will be prepared to begin flight training. Practical application in a simulation lab to include the information for private pilot flight maneuvers, procedures, and regulations for takeoff, cruise, traffic pattern operations, approach, emergencies, and cross-country operations. One hour per week lab time is required.

Aircraft Systems:

This is an introductory course that provides pilots with an understanding of aircraft systems, components, and basic operations general to all aircraft. Included will be information about power plants, fuel, and electrical systems

The Medical Innovations Pathways program offers specialized courses and practical work experience to help students develop the skills needed by Utah’s most elite medical device and laboratory testing companies. The Medical Innovations Pathways empowers students to:

  • Build a rewarding career

  • Improve and save lives

  • Gain hands-on experience

  • Earn above-market wages, excellent benefits

  • Receive potential tuition support for a college degree

Graduate with a Medical Innovations Pathways (MIP) certificate and qualify for entry-level positions at our industry partner organizations.

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