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Letter of Recommendations

Do you need a letter of recommendation for a college application or scholarship?  Please complete this form so that your counselor can provide a letter that highlights all your strengths!

You can type in the word document, re-save it and send it back to your counselor by email.  

Senior Awards

Seniors!   View this PowerPoint for all information about  Senior Awards applications and requirements.  There may be updates to the 2021 Application, more.

details to come.

Applications will be updated later this year, but feel free to VIEW last year's applications for reference HERE.

New Credit or Credit Recovery? 

Need Credit Recovery or New Credit to meet graduation requirements?  Click here for all options and CONTACT your counselor for any questions. 

Graduation Applications

Information coming as Graduation gets closer!  

Need to raise your CPA to a 2.0 for graduation?

More info coming soon. 


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