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Course Selection Common Questions and Solutions

Hey Colts! Course Selection is due in a few days, on February 5th. We have had some common questions and technical problems come up.

First, if you have any trouble entering a course number in gradebook that is on your registration card for a class you want, please email your counselor with the name and course # of the class and she will enter that for you.

Counselor emails can be found here. We are sorry for this trouble, we don't know why some course numbers can be entered and others not. Until the issue is resolved we are more than happy to help you and enter them for you.

If you are not sure what classes you need for graduation, remember to look over your PTG and if you have additional questions or are not sure how to fulfill the requirements, check out graduation requirements by course HERE or email your counselor.

A lot of students are taking care of their course requests early! Great job COLTS!


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