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Are you in a Concurrent Enrollment Class now? Important Announcement from SLCC...

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

CE Update April 8, 2020!


Some of you have asked whether or not this applies to yearlong classes. The answer is yes. Yearlong classes are impacted by COVID-19 and so students who are currently in yearlong classes would be eligible for the Pass/Withdraw grade replacement at the end of the school year.


In order for a student to request that their final grade be changed from the final grade entered by the instructor to a Pass or Withdraw the student will be required to complete a simple online form requesting the change.

A student may request a grade change to Pass (P) or Withdraw (W) by working with our concurrent enrollment coordinator Melissa Maughan ( who will provide the student the link to the form after discussing any potential impacts the decision may have on high school graduation requirements. Please be aware that the grade change will result in the course not being included in the student’s college GPA calculation and that the credit earned, in some cases, may no longer count toward credit requirements for their major. If they have specific questions about that they should contact an SLCC advisor.

Once the form is submitted the SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Office will process the request once the grade has been posted by the instructor in the SLCC Banner system through MySLCC. If there is a discrepancy between the grade reported on the P/W grade change form and the actual final grade entered by the instructor, the SLCC CE Office will reach out to the high school to verify that the student still wishes to proceed with the request.

Once all requests are processed Becky Little will send a list of all the grade changes that have been processed to the CE coordinators, who will double-check to ensure that the grade change, which should also now appear in MyCE, aligns with the grade recorded on the high school transcript so that the data matches.

Please see below for the prior message sent for more details on Pass/Withdraw options

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Brandon Kowallis

SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Director

(801) 957-6342

To All Concurrent Enrollment Partners:

I would like to share both a major update as well as address a concern that was brought up with regards to students and parents struggling at home with their course loads.

Pass/Withdraw Option

First of all as many of you have heard, SLCC and many of the other Utah institutions of higher education have decided to add an option for traditional adult students to receive a P/W grade in lieu of their final grade toward the end of the semester.

As of today that option is now available to SLCC concurrent enrollment students for Spring semester only. Additionally, SLCC has extended the withdrawal deadline for CE students until April 30 for students wish to make the decision to withdraw sooner than the May 31 deadline listed below.

Here are some things you should know:

Students can choose Pass/Withdrawal only AFTER they have received their final Spring Semester course grade. The process to do this will be announced in a later email.

For each Spring Semester course that the student receives a letter grade for, they will have until May 31 to change that course grade to Pass/Withdrawal. 

              A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C grades change to Pass

              C-, D+, D, D-, E grades change to Withdrawal

If a student changes a letter grade to a Withdrawal that student registration will no longer be eligible for state concurrent enrollment funding. Grades that are changed to a Pass will be. High schools will need to be sure that the high school transcript reflects this so that the grade on the college transcript matches with the grade on the high school transcript.

Changing a course from a letter grade to Pass/Withdrawal means that course will not be included in the student’s GPA calculation.  Non-major Gen Ed courses will transfer to USHE institutions with a Pass grade attached.

However, there is a catch with Pass/Withdrawal.  Several majors courses (including Gen Ed courses that count toward a major) might not count toward majors credit if the grade is changed to Pass/Withdrawal. Because of this, students must work very closely with their instructors and concurrent enrollment coordinators/counselors to determine whether Pass/Withdrawal is right for them.

The Pass/Withdrawal option for Spring semester 2020 gives students flexibility to pursue their learning goals and manage their education progress. 

Balancing the Concurrent Enrollment College Load at Home

We are aware that many students who are now working on their courses at home are having to resource-share computers and internet access with other siblings and parents. This can be particularly challenging for concurrent students who carry a heavy course load, and even more challenging for parents who may be attending SLCC or another college themselves. Our heart goes out to those students and parents.

While our accreditation guidelines do not allow us to reduce the required contact hours or course load, and reducing curriculum requirements would set students up to struggle in subsequent coursework, our hope is that the option mentioned above will help alleviate some of the anxiety that they may feel, knowing that there is an alternative if the load becomes too much.

As always we are here to help answer any questions you may have. Thanks for all you do to help support this program during such trying times.

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Brandon Kowallis

SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Director

(801) 957-6342


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