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ACT Test Prep Opportunity at the U

Recently, the University of Utah was awarded the CARES grant from UEN to be used as a resource for students affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. This funding will allow our program to offer free ACT prep courses to 600 students who meet the CARES grant requirements. Low-income students, as well as households that were affected by COVID-19 pandemic (i.e. loss of employment, reduced number of work hours, illness), will be eligible to participate in these free ACT courses.

Courses are tailored to meet the next three ACT national exam dates:

- Saturday, September 12, 2020

- Saturday, October 24, 2020

- Saturday, December 12, 2020

These ACT courses will cover all required sections of the ACT exam while providing students with a unique and robust online learning environment. University of Utah Test Preparation instructors will conduct roughly 10 hours of online instruction while leveraging a wealth of additional instructional content provided by our partners at Magoosh, one of the nation’s leading online Test Prep companies. This new course format is designed for students who are looking to enhance their test-taking skills and want to excel on their ACT exam. Best of all, class sessions are recorded and uploaded to a web learning bank, giving students access to previous lectures. Furthermore, Magoosh provides over 1,700 practice questions with over 95 hours of video instruction with full explanations on how to reach the correct answers.

Although many institutions no longer require ACT/SAT scores, it is important to note that there are still several instances when a student will be asked to provide ACT scores. Such cases include, students with low GPA scores, as well as those who apply for Merit Scholarships are still required to provide ACT exam scores as an admissions requirement (these requirements vary amongst institutions).

Here at the University of Utah, we thrive to provide an exceptional learning environment for our students to participate in. These free ACT preparatory courses are offered to all students who meet CARES Grant requirements.

For more information about our course offerings or the application process, you can reach Arturo Canela at (801) 858 – 7880 or via email